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Discover the Beauty of Symetria

Symetria is a design house that produces thought provoking, whimsical greeting cards in a
number of collections.

Symetria are inspired by symmetry; the way a form can be replicated and mirrored in perfect proportion, the symmetry of order; the arrangement of different pieces that come together
in harmony.

Our butterfly motif encapsulates these thoughts as one of natures most stunning examples
of perfect symmetry.

At Symetria we recognise that in this technological age where instant messaging is
commonplace there is room for celebrating the ritual of writing and sending
personalised messages in a stylish, considered way.

From the papyrus rolled papers of the ancient Egyptians through to the beautifully carved
German woodcuts and the humorous studio cards of the Forties, sending messages in a
thoughtful and sensitive way seems a worthy custom to uphold.

Symetria’s unique cards feature designs, that are updated for each season.

‘Un Poco Picante’ – a little spicy, is the karmasutra for peppers.

The Little Black Cat series tells tales of a familiar furry friend.

‘Dotti’ charms with its macro-study of the ladybird ……..

A Symetria greeting card is a charming way to deliver a message.